Sunday, May 5, 2013

Will you join us in our adventure?

Who could not be overwhelmed by the limitless possibilities of this locale; shop till you drop at Gesundbrunnen shopping mall or its budget neighbour on the other side of the railway station. And that station, which now handles international connections and which grows by the day into another glass-mantled interchange! Or one could spend a whole weekend at the park just enjoying its amenities; there's an open air swimming pool, an enchanting rose garden, natural meadows and winding pathways...

and then there's the impressive - if tragic - Humboldthain Hohe, an artificial hill built around a partly demolished flakturm. A place of refuge once, rooted in the darkest moments of human history. They have dealt with this reminder as best they can. Now you can abseil up and down the West-facing wall, perhaps while your companions take a more leisurely route up to the picnic area and observation platform, which gives views of the city's Western suburbs (though sadly all major landmarks are obscured by trees - at least in the Spring, Summer and Autumn!).

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