Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Sending a Lexicon out in search of meaning (7)

 Brussels! Home of the European Parliament, birthplace of Tintin. Frites, mussels, chocolates, the late great Marcel Broodthaers and Jacques Brel. But also a darker side in more recent times. Terrorist attacks mean armed soldiers patrolling the streets and extra security checks at the airport and other public places. How does our lexicon fare in this environment?

 Brussels has its share of moody nooks and corners...

 The famous Wiels arts centre - we stake our claim here, in the hope of one day returning for longer visit!

 Who is the pastry chef with the smouldering look in her eye? The lexicon has some competition in this location!

 Meanings can arrive spontaneously, or they can be planted over the winter to emerge next spring...
 upward mobility? The lexicon can thrive in the roughest, but also the most refined, circumstances...

 in rude health!

 at the castle gate!

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