Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Sending a lexicon out in search of meaning #11

A round-up of the shorter excursions undertaken in Sydney at the beginning of this year. Your excursioneer has been busy of late: covering the big cultural events in continental Europe and revisiting one's roots in The Old Country...

The Lexicon is nestled beneath the heavier duty Meaning Generators along from the Marina. Every inch of this area has been landscaped. Not a meaning-less corner anywhere!

Newcastle is rich with purpose-built Meaning Generators, still created in the original spirit of such an enterprise. "Post Modern" irony has little foot-hold here!

Walking around Newcastle city centre, where the railway has been truncated and will be replaced, we are assured, with a modern, efficient, integrated tramway network. We are assured of many things, as humankind has been throughout its history...

The lexicon takes root and flourishes in such moody corners as these!

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