Friday, August 11, 2017

Kassel, home of Volkswagen; which, every few years, likes to put on an art show too!

Our Anuran-friendly lodgings...

Kassel - nestled in the Hessian hills, a city with much history and charm. But it is a small town and and working city too, and so the excursioneer must be resourceful in finding entertainment and diversion. As luck would have it, our visit coincides with a very special event; every few years the city hosts an art festival, where artists from all over the world may exhibit their paintings and sculptures, and nowadays, photographs, films and even videos qualify as "art" works! We spend a polite hour or two walking around the very busy halls and galleries looking at the exhibits. However, to the eagle eyed observer, there are quite as many weird and wonderful sights outside the galleries as inside!

  Always appetising at any time of the day!

 Oops! We seem to have reached the (our) limits! (Just joking!)

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